A Hackathon for Kids @Codemotion Rome!

Codemotion set his first hackathon for kids on March 28th 2015

Posted on 04, 27, 2015

We do believe that nowadays digital literacy is as important as reading and writing

Codemotion and Codemotion Kids brought the hackathon format of working together on technology in interactive workshops to the world of Kids, at Codemotion Rome event, with their first Hackathon Kids on Saturday, March 28th 2015.

For the very first time, all the young coders attending Codemotion Kids courses of Electronic, Coding and Robotics have had the opportunity to work together and learn to use microcontrollers, crafts and programming to express themselves and their ideas to satisfy the challange of the hackathon: Space, the final frontier.

Codemotion provided an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life: this time young people from age 7-14 have had access to the latest immersive technologies.

We asked our mentors to help 50 kids to free their creativity and the feedback we had from both kids and teachers have been really thrilling: the young hackers-to come used their preferred technologies to give an answer to the challenge, which, in a nutshell, was intended to represent the encounter with the diversity.

We will show soon the results of the work done but we can anticipate that the response to the challenge was really surprising: among others projects, we want to show-up the videogame on the scarcity of water resources where being greedy involves the defeat of the player, the space helmet with built-in sonar to move in Martian sand storms, or the Lego robot who can face the most hostile habitats on other planets.

The hackathon was preceded by a HTML5 lab: about 50 children (between 8 and 14 years) have followed with incredible interest a lesson on how to format text and make it accessible on the web. Young web designers have shown patience and concentration allowing teachers to tackle complex subjects and tools as web professionals. During this lab, were used tools for open sharing of knowledge as Etherpad and Wikipedia

We want to revolutionise education and to turn kids into active citizens of world by teaching programming and providing youngest people the tools to design their future (and their present) at their shape.

We strongly believe that nowadays digital literacy is as important as reading and writing: this is why we work to offer interactive courses for children to learn programming at their own pace.