Bring Codemotion to Your Country

Are you ready to be the next big thing?

Posted on 07, 30, 2014

We see, it’s rather impossible resist a temptation as Codemotion, and we know that everybody would attend a Codemotion events across Europe. This is your day: if your Country deserves a Codemotion, you can bring and organize Codemotion to your Country. Hooray! Are you the right person to organize a Codemotion in your Country? Are you acquainted with tech communities around you, do you usually show up at meetings and tech-meetups in your countries, are you an avid attendee of software conferences? The heart beating of Codemotion lies in tech communities: we know you need all the support of tech passionate and developers, and you should be aware of most fast forwarding technologies and tendencies to deliver to Codemotion People the best experience ever. Do you have a certain experience in event organizing? Set up an edition of Codemotion is really a thrilling challenge, demanding many different skills! Team players play a better game! If you have a tested core team or you are a Company, it will be easier to organize a great edition of Codemotion in your Country Where to organize a Codemotion? We think your city would be a wonderful place for Codemotion because it meets good criteria for a large Codemotion event like:

  • A well established Tech-University (the more, the better)
  • At or near a major airline hub, so attendees and speakers can easily travel to the location
  • Has a lot of tech communities
  • There are headquarters or branches of large IT vendors and consulting and software development companies?

If your answer is “yes” to the mostly of these questions, say “yes” to Codemotion and contact us as soon as possible: we’ll provide you all the help to give birth to new Codemotion event.