Codemotion Rome 2016… and counting!

Great expectations for Codemotion Rome 2016!

Posted on 02, 18, 2016

6, 3, 2100, 89, 5287, 50, 48, 2104

and counting…

Codemotion Rome 2016, the international tech conference, is approaching, from March 17th to 19th and we can’t wait for its addictive flavour of code, tech and passion.

It’s a powerful and effective mix of simple ingredients which taste better and better every edition, without altering the original recipe too much.

With many meetups, conferences, and workshops around, why can’t you miss the next Codemotion?

The base and original dough is a totally relaxed, friendly and colourful atmosphere with a lot of opportunities for chatting, having a drink with other attendees, speakers and companies joining the conference.

Join Codemotion: get you ticket now!

Techies from all around the world

Many people wait in anticipation, every year, for Codemotion Rome, an awesome event where you can meet fellow techies from all around the world.

Everything is well cooked by the best international speakers around: Linda Rising, Dinis Cruz, Rebecca Parsons, Lorna Mitchell, Mark Heckler, Jessica Rose, James Weaver, Francesco Fullone, Matteo Collina, Andrea Pompili, Mario Fusco and many others – keep an eye on Codemotion Speakers!

Other key ingredients are the variety of the events during the conference, such as workshops, presentations, hands-on code-labs.

What are we made of?

The Codemotion Rome 2016 recipe is basically:

Javascript in its different flavors (Nodejs, React, Angular)

DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant)

Bigdata/Cloud (Nosql, Elasticsearch, Spark)






We always focus on where technologies are going. Not just buzzwords or following the hype. We pay attention to real use cases, tangible stuff; without forgetting the established and most used technologies. Our agenda is out: check it out!

You will have plenty of time to meet international speakers, gurus, and companies from all around the world and big players such as IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Intel, Amazon webservice, Redhat, HP, Thoughtworks, which have already chosen us in last editions – check Codemotion Rome 2016 sponsors!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet fresh companies and startups, and, who knows, you might find your dream job as well.

TechCommunities: Codemotion’s beating heart!

Last but absolutely not least…. TechCommunities! Codemotion is an event built for the community, the very beating heart of Codemotion: we truly care about their engagement, and you will  easily get in touch with their members during the event. Take a look at the Communities supporting Codemotion Rome 2016!

We work hard to provide a pleasant conference for everyone: diversity is a key part of our core values. We strive to build an environment where you can feel welcomed and respected.

Given our core values, talks, companies, and sponsors, Codemotion is the present and the future of the IT world.

Numbers, holy numbers!

If you’re still trying to guess what those numbers at the beginning of this article refer to… well those are the numbers about last Codemotion Rome:

6 –> #Codemotion Rome edition

3 –> days

2100 –> attendees

90 –> speakers

5287 –> lines of code

50 –> Companies & Startups

48 –> communities

2104 –> liters of beer

Codemotion Rome will be ready the 17th (workshops) and 18th -19th (conference) of March: come and have a bite with us!