Codemotion Rome – V Edition

A Hackathon for children and a talent of Coding for the largest technical conference of the year.

Posted on 03, 29, 2015

Great success and more then 2000 people attending the fifth edition of Codemotion Rome

Codemotion Rome 2015: the day after. Two days of workshop and two days of conference: over 100 tech talks, 8 parallel tracks on BigData, Cloud, Internet of Things, Mobile and much more drawing more then 2000 eager attendees, 30 communities, best companies and startups.

The fifth edition Codemotion’s theme has been Space, the final frontier, a tribute to the recent departure of Leonard Nimoy, best known as the famous Vulcan “Spock” of Star Trek.

Codemotion confirm once again its international vocation: special guest of this edition was Andrew “Andy”Stuart Tanenbaum, who, after his experience at MIT and Berkeley, is well known for his book such as Computer Networks and Modern OperatingSystems.

On Saturday, for the very first time, Codemotion had a Hackathon for kids. All the young coders attending Codemotion Kids courses of Electronic, Coding and Robotics have had the opportunity to work together and learn to use microcontrollers, crafts and programming to express themselves and their ideas: the young hackers-to come used their preferred technologies to give an answer to the challenge, which, in a nutshell, was intended to represent the encounter with the diversity.

Speaking of Competition, Codemotion Rome hold the first edition of {Code} Factor, the first code talent which will call the best software programmers in a knockout clash.

After the success of previous editions, with over 7,000 attendees across Europe only in 2014, Codemotion has been confirmed as the must attend tech event of the season.

There will be more than 100 technical talk in 8 track, a completely fresh new Startup area, led by Augusto Coppola, the showcase of GameDev, which will present 12 independent projects and a thrilling Maker Area, set up in collaboration with Asset Camera del commercio Roma/ Makerfaire Europe where showed up 3D printers, Arduino, and a special exhibition of (working) retro-computers.

Codemotion Rome 2015 has been hosted by the Department of Engineering of the University Roma Tre, via Vito Volterra, 60


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