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Codemotion Milan 2017

November 10th-11th

This very special edition of Codemotion Milan took place on November 10th-11th in a stunning industrial venue called BASE.

This year we had a double occasion to celebrate! We didn’t only celebrate the fifth birthday of the conference in the capital of Lombardy but we also celebrated the new location of the event.

2300 attendees, 110 Speakers, 80 tech communities, 53 exhibitors

These numbers overwhelmed everyone, including us! The Special Edition of Codemotion Milan was the biggest tech conference organized by Codemotion so far! For the very first time in the conference’s history, the tickets for the event were sold out two weeks before the conference! Amazing, right?


The event was opened with a keynote entitled “Developers’ role in building community and changing the world for the better” given by Julien Decot (Facebook). This keynote was followed by those delivered by Susie Wee (Cisco Systems), Mattia Poretti (Google) and Salvatore Sanfilippo (Redis Labs). Meanwhile, the second day was opened by the great keynotes of Lorna Mitchell (IBM) and Jessica Rose (FutureLearn). It was Brent Beer from Github who closed this Special Edition of Codemotion Milan.

Facebook, Docker, Netflix, Stack Overflow and more…

The conference staged the best Speakers from the most important international tech companies such as Facebook, Stack Overflow, Docker, NVidia, Google, IBM, Cisco. For the very first time we hosted a Speaker from… Netflix!

The second CTO Meeting!

After the huge success of the first CTO Meeting that took place during the conference in Rome, Codemotion decided to organize the second meeting in Italy dedicated to CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers. The CTO Meeting was hosted during the first day of the conference and its main objective was to prompt a moment to share the best practices and challenges related to Digital Transformation across different realities: companies, startups and institutions.

Many big names such as: Massimo Chiriatti, Paola Bonomo, Luca Curioni, Luciano Caroti, Aldo Armiento, Fabio Pirovano joined our exclusive event.

CartaSi Codelab

On the first day of the conference, the attendees had at their disposal the experts from CartaSi that helped them discover the world of online payment. The codelab entitled: “Create your e-commerce with XPay by CartaSi!” was addressed mainly to web developers, APP developers, UX designers and anyone interested in e-commerce.


Who said that the conference is only about the talks? As usual, at this Special Edition of Codemotion Milan we hosted the best showcase around: GameDevs and VR exhibitors gathered together in an incredible area: new(Game).


Codemotion Amsterdam 2017

May 16th - 17th

Codemotion Amsterdam gets bigger and better! The second edition of Codemotion in the Netherlands has just finished!

More than 800 software developers and IT professionals attended Codemotion Amsterdam this May which made the conference much bigger than the last one!

The second edition of the conference took place from May 16th – 17th in a stunning industrial venue called De Kromhouthal.

Codemotion returned to Amsterdam for the second year in the row. The conference staged many awesome Speakers from the most important international tech companies such as Twitter, Microsoft, Atlassian, Mozilla, Intel and Cisco.

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Codemotion Tel Aviv 2017

March 30th

Codemotion returned to Tel Aviv again!
On March 30th the biggest all-platforms developers conference returned to the capital of Israel again!

Codemotion Tel Aviv was organized for the 3rd year, bringing many international speakers as well as local experts to speak about frontend and backend development.

This year’s edition of the conference was organized at the new location - Cinematheque: a super central venue located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

On the evening before the conference, all the attendees participated in the official opening meetup of Codemotion Tel Aviv: Bots on the Roof!


Codemotion Rome 2017

March 22-25th

The 7th edition of Codemotion Rome is behind us. This year’s edition of Codemotion Rome took place from March 22nd -25th at Roma TRE University.

More than 2100 software developers and IT professionals attended the conference. Not bad, right?

This was the biggest and the greatest Codemotion in Rome so far!

~ 2100 attendees

~ 100 Speakers

6 workshops

2 Hands On CodeLabs

20 GameDev and VR projects

The first meeting dedicated especially to CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers took place during the conference. The main aim of the meeting was to create the favorable circumstances to share the best practices related to  Digital Transformation across different realities: companies, startups and institutions.

Now it’s time to get ready for Codemotion Milan!


Codemotion Milan

November 25th-26th

Codemotion Milan ended with a huge success: about 2000 participants attended the talks of our Tech Conference!

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to this amazing success! First of all, Polihub and Politecnico di Milano, that hosted Codemotion and gave us all their support.

A special thanks to the communities that shared with us their energy and passion and that deserve to be mentioned: JUG Milano, Milano Front End, Python Milano, GRUSP, Milano Chatbots Meetup, Milano JS, WEBdeBS, JUG Torino, ItaliaDotNet, Programmers in Padua, PUG Torino, GDG Milano, GDG Catania, Frankestein Garage, UGIdotNet, Python Italia, IBM Bluemix Italia, FEVR, MEAN Milano, Laravel Meetup, JEToP, XP Italia, Laravel Italia, PUG Roma, RomaJS, Python Italia FB Group, Appsterdam Milan, WhyMCA.

Thanks to our Contributors, Milano Chatbots Meetup, Milano Front End, Milano JS, UGIdotNET, Django Girls Milano, GDG Italia with boys and girls coming from all Italian GDG, and to our Media Partners, in particular to Women Who Code.

We also want to extend our sincere thanks to all our Sponsors without whom Codemotion Milan would not be possible.

Last but not least, a big thanks goes to all the participants, the Codemotion people, the very beating heart of our event, that never stop showing us their affection.
Once again, thank you all!

See you next year in Milan and… make code not war!


Codemotion Madrid

November 18th-19th

Codemotion Madrid was a big success and a big fiesta for all the community of developers in Spain!

The convention took place at Campus de Montepríncipe, Universidad San Pablo CEU on November 18th and 19th and it was  sold out!

With more than 2000 attendees, over 40 communities and 150 talks and workshops, it’s easy to figure out how people are the beating heart of a conference made by developers for developers!

Microservices, Bot, Machine learning, Geolocation were the hottest topics of the two days: if you didn’t get the chance to attend the event, you can watch the talks from the comfort of your sofa: they are available on our youtube channel.

Thank you very much for your support and…

¡Hasta el próximo año!


Codemotion Berlin

October 24th-25th

Codemotion Berlin kicked off so it’s certainly time for us to say thank you! Around 500 attendees participated while we had 51 international speakers and 22 communities (24 additional Community speakers!) on four parallel stages. We enjoyed an amazing conference with interesting sessions and inspiring discussions. Hopefully you had the chance to learn and network at the same time and, generally speaking,  had a pleasant time during your stay in Berlin.

In case you missed any sessions at the conference, you have the chance to listen to the talks online. The sessions have been audio recorded by our partner Voice Republic and are now available here. You can find the slides of every talk on the corresponding session page.

Thanks to our photographer Ania, you can find a selection of the best pictures in our Flickr-album. Please have a look!

Last but not least we would like to thank our speakers, sponsors, media partners and volunteers who were involved in the organisation of Codemotion Berlin for an inspiring time. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Stay tuned and don’t miss the latest updates through our social media channels TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and instagram!


Codemotion Warsaw

September 15th-16th

We would like to thank all of you for joining the first edition of Codemotion Warsaw. It was a great experience to organize the conference at the Atlantic cinema in the heart of the city.

We  really appreciate your interest in Codemotion!

We also want to thank all the communities and partners for their support. It was nice working with you!

Thank you to our sponsors for believing in us and to all our attendees!

Dates and venue for next year’s edition will follow  soon – stay tuned through our social media channels!


Codemotion Amsterdam

May 11-12th

Over 570 attendees, about one third of women attendees, 4 rocking keynoters, 60 speakers  from China to US, about 30 among sponsors, tech-communities and partners.

Not bad at all for the very first edition of Codemotion Amsterdam!

Codemotion Amsterdam took place on May 11th and 12th in the breathtaking location of Kromhouthal – Amsterdam Noord.

The event was keynoted on the first day by Bruce Lawson, Open Web Standards Advocate for Opera, holding the keynote about the Web on the perspective of international challenges, and Leslie Hawthorn Board Member at Open Source Initiative, talking about Communities.

The second day opened with the "Hangover Keynote" from the lovely Jessica Rose, talking about the cost of expertise, and was closed by an amazing session from Avinash Changa – Ceo e Founder of WeMakeVR, introducing Virtual Reality; Past, Present and Future.


Codemotion Dubai

April 1-2

One of Europe's largest tech conferences enjoyed a successful outing of its first Middle East edition.

Held at The Impact Hub in Downtown Dubai, Codemotion Dubai's Regional Partner, Mohamad Harastani, officially opened the two-day conference which offered up a series of presentations, talks, and workshops, hosted by globally renowned coding experts, including: Bert Ertman (Luminis), Danilo Poccia (Amazon Web Services), Yan Cui (Just Eat), Alex Nadalin (Namshi), and Rachel Reese (

Topics discussed on the first day included Reece's presentation on, "Patterns and practices for real-world event-driven microservices" and Yan Cui's "F# in social gaming". On day two, Poccia gave a talk entitled, "Scaling up to your first 10 million users".

In addition to a packed and informative programme of seminars and workshops, Codemotion Dubai has now provided the region with its first dedicated platform for pioneering developers to meet and network with like minded professionals and global specialists.


Codemotion Rome

March 18-19th

Codemotion Rome! The next edition is behind us!

Really a must attend event for developers, tech -lovers, innovators and, for the first time, journalists! Codemotion Rome was broadcast live on National Radio 1, taken up by dozens of newspapers and blogs.
Also, Codemotion was one of the trend topics on social media, with a tweet reach of 25 million from all over Europe and the United States.

The Conference was attended by speakers such as Linda Rising, one of the key personalities of Agile methodology, and Rebecca Parsons, CTO of ThoughtWorks. Among the topics discussed, with a strictly hands-on approach, Front End, DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant), Bigdata: NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Spark; Microservices, GameDev, Mobile, Security, NoSQL, IOT, Java, PHP, TDD. Large space was of course dedicated to JavaScript and the most interesting technologies in this field , such as React.js and Node.js.


Codemotion TelAviv

December 17-18th

Codemotion was held for the second time in Tel Aviv - the first edition was held in 2014, and attracted over 600 attendees and featured dozens of sessions and international speakers.

Codemotion Tel Aviv took place at YesPlanet Rishon. It is a brand new cinema complex that features excellent session halls, lobby, and state of the art A/V equipment.


Codemotion Madrid

November 27-28th

Be an agent of chaos
There must be a creation process. There must be change.

We, the IT crowd, recognize the need to reinvent our ways every year, learning new formulas to do old things. We don't relax believing that what was best practice last year will remain unchanged, unaffected by time. That's how Cobol was born. We don't do that.

We are agents of change. We recognize the need to destroy in order to build. We go, and get together, and learn. Then we get back to our places of work, and break things.

That's what we do.

+1,900 Attendees
With more than 1,900 software enthusiasts, Codemotion is the biggest IT event in Spain.

+30 Communities
Codemotion is possible because of all the communities that are behind it, contributing with their support and curiosity.

+130 Talks & Workshops
Quality is important to us. That's why we go through all flavors of pain to filter the best talks and workshops.


Codemotion Milan

November 20-21

Codemotion Milan 2015 was an incredible adventure: 1840 times THANK YOU!
Thanks to all of you who  welcomed us with  great enthusiasm, thanks to the passion for the code you have shared with us!
Special thanks to Rasmus Lerdorf, who told us 20 years of PHP, to Birgitta Boeckeler and James Higgs and the over 100 speakers who took turns on the stage of the Politecnico Bovisa, thanks to our partners, and to Polihub StartMiUp, our sponsors, most notably IBM and HP Enterprise, to all our media partners, Wired, Tom’Hardware MotherBoard /Vice to name a few and Women Who code, Work Wide Women, Girls in Tech, Geek geek life and all the female networks which helped us to support female involvement.
Special thanks to all our wonderful Tech communities, Grusp, Frankenstein Garage, PHP, GDG, Appsterdam Milan, Jug, Pug, MEAN, IT ++, DotNet, Programmers in Padua, WYMCA, Mozilla, best of luck to our amazing startups – 2Pay , Catapush, Empathic, Foneclay, MakeItApp, Wallet Saver – who pitched in Startup Arena, all gamedevs that  enriched the showcase with their projects – Mind Unleashed, Neuro Ski, Gridd3 and many others – and Datalytics and Seejay that  collected all the social enthusiasm  of these two days.
See you in 2016!


Codemotion Berlin

November 2-3rd

Codemotion Berlin closed with around 400 attendees on both days, a hands-on Makerspace and a wide side program contributed by our partners.
The second day opened with the keynote from San Francisco based speaker Jessica McKellar (Dropbox) on “Python, Inc” and how open source communities can apply startup best practices in a competitive and changing market. Besides many other great talks, further international topnotch speakers at the conference were Francesco Degrassi on “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down – 7 lessons learned building HP/HA systems”, Laura Frank on “Creating Better Teams Through Tools” as well as Tobias Pfeiffer
on an introduction to coding principles and how to achieve readable code and Florian Gilcher who gave a tour of the coding language Rust.
On day two of the conference, the community area transformed into a Makerspace which was curated by our partners Make Magazine and Technologiestiftung Berlin.
Over the last two days, 60 speakers gave over 40 hours of program on 3 parallel stages.


Codemotion Rome

March 26-28th


Codemotion Rome 2015. Two days of workshops and conferences: over 100 tech talks, 8 parallel tracks on BigData, Cloud, Internet of Things, Mobile and much more drawing more than 2000 eager attendees, 30 communities, the best companies, and startups.

Codemotion confirmed once again its international vocation: special guest of this edition was Andrew  “Andy” Stuart Tanenbaum, who, after his experience at MIT and Berkeley, is well known for his books such as Computer Networks and Modern OperatingSystems.

Beside Codemotion Conference, the  dead centre of event, there was a  completely fresh new Startup area, led by Augusto Coppola, the showcase of GameDev, which  presented 12 independent projects and a thrilling Maker Area, set up in collaboration with Asset Camera del commercio Roma/ Makerfaire Europe where there were 3D printers, Arduino, and a special exhibition of (working) retro-computers.

Finally, on Saturday, for the very first time, Codemotion had a (mini) Hackathon for Kids.
All the young coders attending Codemotion Kids courses of Electronics, Coding and Robotics  had the opportunity to work together and learn to use microcontrollers, crafts and programming to express themselves and their ideas: the young hackers-to come used their preferred technologies to give an answer to the challenge: Space: the final frontier, which, in a nutshell, was intended to represent the encounter with  diversity.

After the success of previous editions, with over 7,000 attendees across Europe in 2014, Codemotion confirmed itself as the must-attend tech event of the season.

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Andy Tanenbaum w/ Mara and Chiara Young hackers @ Hackathon Kids Kevlin Hanney Keynote

Codemotion Tel Aviv

November 30th December 1st

For the very first time, the biggest tech conference in Italy and Spain and one of the hugest in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 300 speakers from all over the world and from the most important IT realities, is arriving to Tel Aviv! Codemotion is directed at a target of developers and is open to all programming languages and technologies. It represents a unique opportunity for exchanging views, in-depth analysis and sharing of technical topics.



Codemotion Tel Aviv

Codemotion Milan

November 26-29th


The second edition in Milan was  huge: we drew more than 1500 attendees, and consisted of two days of workshop and two days of conference.

Codemotion Milan 2014 was hosted by Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa, and delivered about 100 talks split into 7 main tracks.

Codemotion Milan 2014 gathered more than 100 speakers from around the world, sharing their experience and their passion: our guest star was Michael Monty Widenius, the creator of MySQL and MariaDB databases, and we had, among others, Tiffany Conroy, Eva Gjeci, Alain Regnier, Juliette Reinders Folmer, Francesco Cirillo, Mario Fusco.

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Michael Monty Widenius People at Codemotion Milan

Codemotion Rome

April 9-12th

Innovation and creativity: these are the keywords of Codemotion Rome, the international conference dedicated to technology and open to all coding languages. The event will be held in Rome at the Department of Engineering in Roma Tre from the 9th  to the 12th  of April.

Codemotion will consist of 16 thematic tracks dedicated to developers and enterprise: among other topics, during the conference talks will be addressed about Mobile, Web, BigData, Cloud, User Experience.

Codemotion is scheduled in two days of workshops and two conferences, there will about 100 talks, 75% of which will be delivered in English. “After the experience of Berlin and Madrid and in anticipation of the event in Tel Aviv – says Chiara Russo, CEO and co-founder at Codemotion – we realized that the Italian public was eager for a proposal with a much broader scope. We wanted at least 50% of our speakers to have an international background: the presence of strategic partners such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Paypal, Telecom, has allowed the realization of an event beyond all expectations.”

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titolo Chiara Russo and Gosia Sosnowska titolo

Codemotion Milan

November 29-30th


The first edition in Milan was a success: there were 1200 attendees, a day of workshop and a day of conference.

Codemotion Milan 2013 was hosted by Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di Informatica, and delivered about 30 talks split into 7 main tracks.

Codemotion Milan 2013 had more than 40 speakers from around the world, sharing their experience and their passion: Eva Gjeci Microsoft, Jackson Gabbard Facebook, Kasia Declaration on Paper Recycling-Fenske Google, Tiffany Conroy SoundCloud and Leif Astrand of Vaadin are just some of the many.

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Codemotion Milan 2013

Codemotion Madrid

October 18-19

Codemotion held its second edition in Madrid, aimed at bringing together specialists, developers and students from many different communities and technologies.



Codemotion Berlin

9-11st May

For the first time, Codemotion took place in Berlin! Thanks to the hospitality of HTW University, the event was held on the banks of the beautiful River Spree . A really full program with the international presence of speakers from all over the world in two extraordinary, intense days. More than 550 participants took part in this memorable edition of Codemotion.

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Codemotion Rome

March 20-23rd

The third edition of Codemotion was a huge amount of emotion and code! The magic of the Makers wrapped the attendees, who were surprised and inspired by the digital craftsmans’ inventions. During  Codemotion Rome 2013, there were 3800 people, including children, students, developers and companies. The novelty of this edition were the 8 technical workshops held before the conference.

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