Time for some HUGE news!

Codemotion has just received 1,5 mln EUR of investments!

Posted on 06, 25, 2017

Great news! Codemotion has just received 1.5 mln euro from Barcamper Ventures, Invitalia Ventures and LVenture Group! Thanks to this investment Codemotion will be able to accelerate its growth and broaden its offer of technical training, courses for kids, hackathons and more!

Four years of really dynamic growth… 

Codemotion was founded in 2013 by Chiara Russo and Mara Marzocchi. In just four-years  Codemotion has become a major platform for dialogue between software developers and IT companies in the EMEA area. Currently, the Codemotion tech events are organized in 7 countries: Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Israel and the United Arab Emirates and it seems that it is only the beginning!

As the IT industry is growing fast, the role of Codemotion as the promoter of innovations will be more and more significant!

The increase of capital aims at strengthening the vast community of developers around the company, consolidating the international growth that has already started and expanding its offering.

Today, the role of a software developer is significant especially if it comes to generating growth and competitiveness in the IT market which is worth around $625 billion a year,” said Gianluca Dettori, Primomiglio. “That’s why we believe that it is high time to support a company like Codemotion that connects the major players in this market”.

We are very pleased with this investment because we will support a startup that aims at becoming the unique platform for the developers’ community globally,” said Salvo Mizzi, CEO of Invitalia Venture.

So… What will happen now? 

We are extremely excited to have closed this funding round that will enable us to grow even faster and will let us stabilize the position of Codemotion abroad,” said Chiara Russo CEO and Co-Founder. “Mara and I founded the company four years ago. We were guided by a true passion for technology but we also had a clear vision and plan for the future. Now, thanks to the growing team and new investors, we can achieve more ambitious goals by diversifying our offerings for companies and developers, which are and will always remain a core value for us. “

The investment is just the beginning! This is just the start of a new period.  Now it is time to set new goals, work hard and follow the new strategy.

Only the sky is the limit! 

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