Sky Sport Hackathon!

Posted on 05, 30, 2016

What about implementing the latest innovations in the sports industry? We took up the challenge to do so when we organized #SkySportHack in collaboration with Sky.

We received 300 applications from 15 regions of Italy! Since the interest was really huge, the participants were selected during the bootcamp process.

72 participants, 12 finalized projects and 36 hours of non-stop coding!

The main goal of the hackathon was to come up with some innovations related to sports on television. The participants had to open their minds and think out of the box in order to create new technologies that could change the way we enjoy sports content.

Software and mobile developers, the web and mobile designers, UX specialists, content creators, bloggers, writers, video makers, startuppers and more gathered in Milan to face this difficult task!

The hackathon was not an ordinary hack fest but it was a real laboratory for innovations! During the codefest the participants managed to invent new ways to present and enjoy sports content on all the available platforms, including smartphones.

Angelo Sirica, Amir Hajar, Maurizio Natalia, Giulio Maria Pezzini, Nicolas Hammer were the winners of the first Sky Sport Hackathon!

The team won thanks to its enthusiasm dedicated to its project related to the world of eSports.Unfortunately, it is not possible to unveil the details of the project. However, we do hope that it will be possible to see the effects of the team’s work teamreally soon. As for the prize, the winners received € 6.000,00 sponsored by Sky.