The Big Hack Codemotion

The Big Hack!

Posted on 10, 25, 2015

The Big Hack 2015 was the Biggest Internet of Things Hackathon in Italy!

160 participants, 18 projects, 30 hours of work and more! Impressing, isn’t it?

These are the numbers that could sum up the Big Hack: Hackathon that took place from October 10th-11th 2015 at MACRO: the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. The Code Fest was organized by Maker Faire Rome and Asset Camera (Azienda speciale della Camera di commercio di Roma) in collaboration with Codemotion.

The organizers of IoT Hackathon intended to encourage the developers to push the boundaries of innovation, reality, and technology in order to create solutions and concepts that could change some really important issues – in only 30 hours!

Smart City as the main challenge!

The main mission of the IoT Hackathon was building innovative solutions for a Smarter City! Around 160 developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and students gathered at the museum with the purpose of making their city a better place!

The competition was organized into 5 possible challenges to choose from:

Challenge 1: Open Data – Lazio Region

Challenge 2: Open Data – Agid

Challenge 3: Mobility – Agenzia per la mobilità di Roma Capitale

Challenge 4. Mobility – Frecciarossa

Challenge 5: Security in the workplace – Eni

The main award was assigned to the project “Safe Back” which was presented by Snapback: the startup that focuses on developing new, intuitive and revolutionary ways to interact with smart devices.

The Hackathon was a great source of inspiration. We were really inspired by the true passion and creativity of the participants. We truly hope that all the participants will continue to pursue their ideas to make cities smarter, safer and more efficient.