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#TIMgirlsHackathon: Girls can do it!

Posted on 06, 16, 2016

#TIMgirlsHackathon seems to be the coolest women’s technology competition at the moment. It is an interesting project that  could attract young women to the world of technology! The project goes in line with the TIM’s digital innovation strategy and aims at bringing the female universe closer to coding.

Almost 800 girls participating in the biggest cities of Italy! 

The project was realized by Tim in collaboration with Codemotion. We have already organized 5 editions of the coding marathons in the following cities: Rome, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Turin, Naples, and Catania.

As the events were a great success, another edition of the contest was organized in January 2016!

More than 320 girls in four Italian cities (Turin, Naples, Venice, and Catania) participated in the one-day hackathon. 

The mission of #TimGirlsHackathon was to create a positive environment for girls to use technology, which could seed a lifelong interest in the field. The organizers aimed at promoting gender equality and bridging the gap in technology

The coding marathon was organized for young female university students in order to help them experience the real power of coding, ultimately sparking a lifelong interest in the world of technology. During the Hackathon, girl coders worked in teams to create an application that could fight cyberbullying effectively. The challenge was not only about improving the coding abilities of girls but they were also encouraged to find a real solution to the problem that affects especially young people.  

The girls came up with very creative ideas… 


B-Lock is an app that controls the publication of photos without the consent of the owner. #privacy #reputation


The purpose of the app is to inform, raise awareness and make users more aware of a phenomenon that is too widespread. #bigdata #shareyourstory

Beat your Bully

It is an app that gives you the opportunity to subscribe to a forum and receive updates according to your preferences.  #geolocation #mood

Does this project seem interesting to you? Stay updated and join the next #TIMgirlsHackathon!