Must-attend events for all developers! Case studies; hands-on workshops; sessions led by IT experts and plenty of networking opportunities!  Codemotion is the main tech conference for developers in EMEA, open to all languages and technologies. We’re currently present in 7 countries: Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, The United Arab Emirates, Israel.

Our network consists of:

  • 570.000 developers
  • 3.500 Speakers
  • 200 Partners and Sponsors
  • 500 communities

The real strength of our conference is the quality of the content. We choose the biggest and brightest names covering topics in technology and innovation. Our conferences attract thousands of attendees willing to discuss the hottest tech topics such as Architectures, Cloud/Bigdata, Security, AI/MachineLearning, Cloud, BigData, IOT, DevOps, Javascript, Languages, Design, Mobile, Frontend, Game DEV, VR and Inspirational.

Codemotion offers companies a unique opportunity to get in touch with the best developers. Codemotion is a strategic partner of the leaders in the tech industry such as Cisco, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Red Hat, and Oracle, offering them opportunities to connect with the best in tech.