We believe that continuous learning is the key to success. Being always aware of the latest IT market trends, Codemotion Training offers the best solutions for tech companies. We select innovative tech trends and choose the world-known gurus from our network to teach you the skills that the tech industry really needs today. We organize more than 50 courses related to the major tech topics. Codemotion Training offers more than 50 courses such as:

  • Scheduled courses and bootcamps: to acquire skills through hands-on projects
  • Online training: to learn at one’s own pace, for geographically distributed teams
  • Courses on demand: highly customized programs tailored to suit company’s needs

In 4 years Codemotion has formed around 600 professionals and has provided training for more than 120 companies including Banca d’Italia, Sisal, Engineering and Cerved. We organize tech webinars as well. Some of the available courses:

  • Frontend Development
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Development
  • User Experience
  • Web App Security
  • Web Development
  • IoT and more!

Discover all the courses provided by Codemotion Training!