Codemotion Amsterdam 2017

Time to bring Codemotion to your country!

Are you ready for the next big thing?

Codemotion is a platform devoted to developers that connects IT professionals, tech communities, and IT companies, open to all programming languages and technologies. We organize one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe, within an international network of 570.000 developers and 3.500 speakers coming from the most important IT companies from all over the world. Our conferences attract thousands of attendees willing to discuss the hottest tech topics such as Architectures, Cloud/Bigdata, Security, AI/MachineLearning, Cloud, BigData, IOT, DevOps, Javascript, Languages, Design, Mobile, Frontend, Game DEV, VR, Inspirational.

Codemotion is a strategic partner of the leaders in the tech industry such as Cisco, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Red Hat, and Oracle, offering them opportunities to connect with developers.

We’re already present in 7 countries: Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, The United Arab Emirates, Israel. 

Take a look at the map!  

However, it is not enough for us. We still want to grow our Codemotion community more and more!

Do you think that Codemotion should be organized in your country? 

Why don’t you organize it then? Interested?

Are you the right person to do it?

Are you a person connected to the technological and innovative ecosystem in your country? Do you have the ability to communicate with both developers and large IT companies? Do you have certain experience in event organizing? Are you aware of the latest technologies and trends that could help you deliver to Codemotion People the best experience possible?

Where to organize the next Codemotion conference? 

Your city would be a perfect place for the next Codemotion if it meets the following criteria:

  • is full of tech communities
  • is full of IT companies
  • there is a Tech-University (the more, the better)
  • it is located near an airport so attendees and speakers can easily travel to the location.

If your answer is “yes” to most of these questions, say “yes” to Codemotion and contact us as soon as possible! We will support you in organizing a brand new Codemotion event! Don’t think twice!

Become the next tech leader! Let’s code the innovative future together! 

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