Welcome new Game()!

Posted on 01, 14, 2017

Announcing new Game(), a Codemotion brand dedicated to Game Development

Since the first edition of Codemotion, in 2011, Game Development has always been an important focus of the convention, with an entire day of talks and a dedicated showcase area.

In the last few years the interest, the culture, the competences and the production of the gaming industry have grown in an exponential way.

In this year’s edition, Codemotion devotes two days of talks to this subject, with 12 speeches, more than 20 exhibitors, workshops and dedicated codelabs.

Codemotion had the fortune to witness the GameDev’s evolution and we hope to have been an active part in it. For this reason, we thought it would be worthwhile to create a dedicated new brand with the purpose  giving to the GameDev movement all the importance it deserves.

new Game() wants to keep contributing to  Game Development by delivering high level content about every aspect of GameDev: not just coding, but also design, graphics, music and sfx, marketing and business.

We are proud and happy to collaborate with important Italian events like Game Happens, Game Over and Svilupparty.

Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with Casual Connect/Indie Prize, since two editions, the best project among those presented in the Showcase area of Codemotion is invited to exhibit in a Casual Connect event and to participate in the International Indie Prize in Singapore, Berlin, Tel Aviv or San Francisco.

Therefore, we strongly believe in the value of network organization and sharing ideas.

Codemotion is an international conference, new Game()  wants to be a link to connect developers, not only in Europe but also worldwide.